Turkey Burgers for Spring

Something about warm weather, sunshine and weekend afternoons make me want a juicy hamburger.  I like beef burgers–a lot, so  I wasn’t sure I’d find these burgers satisfactory, but my friend Jen came through again.  This is a great burger.  I’ve made it with ground turkey, ground chicken and fresh chicken sausage.  All good.


Ingredients for 4 burgers:
1# ground Turkey
1 cup bread stuffing mix, dry
1/2 cup chicken broth, fat free
5oz Spinach, raw

1.  Shred spinach in small pieces and combine with other ingredients.  Mix well.  Make into 4 pattys.
2.  Grill until cooked thoroughly.

Nutrition Info:  Calories: 196 , Carbohydrate: 7gm, Protein: 28gm, Fat: 6gm , Sodium: 376mg, Fiber 1.5gm.

All you need to do is add the bun of your choice.  You can go with a very thin, whole grain one and add tomatoes, avocado, onion for a healthy meal or go all out with a thick slice of cheese and a bun.  I ate my burger on a spinach salad with a side of garlic parmesan dressing.  I highly recommend that choice!  Enjoy



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