Not Your Usual Black Beans & Rice

Black Beans and Rice is not a new dish for anyone.  There are many different ways to make this food.  The tastiest version I’ve ever had was in Puerto Rico.  It had many complex flavors and textures.  It was very tasty but I am sure it was not heatlhy.

So, for this recipeI’ve mixed it up a little to make it fresher & healthier than many of the versions I’ve reviewed.  As a bonus, it’s simple.

1.  1 can Black Beans, rinsed.
2.  2 cups Brown Rice, cooked
3.  2 T Olive Oil
4.  1/4 cup Cilantro, chopped
5.  1/2 cup Sweet Peppers, red, green, yellow3.
6. 8 oz Turkey Keilbasa

1.  Slice Keilbasa into 1/2″ pieces and cook on medium heat in large skillet.   Stir to brown all sides and move to edge of skillet.
2.  Add Olive Oil and cooked Rice to center of skillet and warm.  When the mixture is warm and rice appears lightly toasted add rinsed black beans to mixture.  Season with salt, chili powder, cayenne pepper, paprika, as desired.
3.  Serve on plate and top with cilantro, fresh peppers and a squeeze of lime juice.

Nutrition Info: Calories: 425, Protein: 18gm, Carbohydrate: 57gm, Fat: 14gm, Sodium: 871mg, Fiber 8gm.

Please note, most of the sodium is in the beans (~480mg Na/serving)and Keilbasa (~510mg Na/serving).  Rinsing the beans will decrease the amount of sodium significantly.  There are also low sodium canned beans, but your best best is to cook dry beans.  This requires a little planning, but is a great option.  I  use a crock pot and cook overnight.   Keep in mind, the black beans are a great source of fiber which can make you feel full longer and is good for your digestive tract.  Adults need 21-30 gm fiber/day.

If you’ve used Keilbasa before, you may have noticed that one link usually seven servings, so if you use the entire Keilbasa (which I often do), the nutrition info for the recipe will not be accurate.

My girls really like to have a couple of eggs added to the skillet.  I add them just as the rice is becoming fried.  I move the rice mixture to the edge of pan, add a teaspoon of olive oil and break the two eggs in the center of the pan and stir to scramble.  Once cooked, I stir into rice mixture and then add the beans.   You may add any topping you desire to make it your own. Other options include: avocado, green onions, jalapenos, sour cream or greek yogurt, etc.

This is an easy recipe!  Let me know what you think.

PS.  If you’ve never cooked dry beans and want to know the best way to do so, I recommend this link:


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