There are no Superfoods. Yep, I said it.

Without a doubt, there are foods that are more nutrient dense than other foods and there are some foods that have fewer calories than other foods, but let’s be clear, THERE ARE NO “SUPERFOODS”.

The term “superfood” is a just marketing term used to describe foods with alleged health benefits.  Unfortunately, many of the foods with this tag are often disputed and unsupported by scientific evidence.

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In fact, it is believed by nutrition experts (registererd dietitians and food & nutrition scientists) that consuming an abundance of  “superfoods” may actually be detrimental and result in nutrient deficiencies.  This occurs when a person limits a wide variety of nutritious foods and focuses on eating one or two “superfoods”.  Or, a person believes consuming a “superfood” may cure cancer, heart disease, diabetes or other medical diagnoses and relies on a superfood instead if eating a healthy, balanced diet or seeking medical care.

Unfortunately, there are no foods that provide all of the vitamins, minerals, micronutrients that you need.  Your best bet for is to eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in a range of colors every day and be skeptical of any nutrition claim that is not scientifically proven.

If you have questions about a claim of any food, do your research, or talk to a registed dietitian.


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